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  Hard Skin Exfoliation

 Repair Cracked and Bleeding Heels - Corns - Calluses - Hang Nails

  Treatment for Hard Thick Skin and Bleeding Heels and Blisters

A callus is an area of thick hardened skin, usually found where there has been repetitive wear on hands or feet. Your heels or around the ball of your foot and your hands. Calluses and Blisters can be mild and annoying, or can be severe and painful. Unfortunately, the onset of advanced years can bring this condition on more rapidly. This condition is not serious as such, but when the skin breaks open and bleeds then it can become a gateway for infection, which of course is not welcome.

  Treatment for Corns or Calluses

Corns and calluses are annoying and sometimes painful thickenings that form on the skin in pressure areas. Hyperkeratosis is the medical name for calluses and corns. A callus refers to a more diffuse, flattened area of thick skin, a corn is a thick localized area that usually has a conical or circular shape. Corns, also known as helomas, sometimes have a dry, waxy or translucent appearance. Corns and Calluses occur on parts of the feet and sometimes the fingers. Corns can be very painful to walk on, even when they are small. Common locations for corns are on the sole of the foot, on the metatarsal arch ( the ball of the foot - planetary surface) and little toe.
  Use FootDefend to exfoliate hard skin on your heels even if they are dry cracked and bleeding. Corn and callus removal.
No need to scrape or cut off corns, calluses or hard skin! Simply soak feet in the FootDefend solution for the 5 minutes a day unless there is an excessive amount of hard skin. When drying calluses, skin may rub off into your towel. Once you have achieved the desired results, soak feet every day or every other day until you have achieved the desired results. Warning using cutting or grinding tools may cause damage to healthy skin.
 No touch skin exfoliation
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