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Diabetic Feet - Cleaning Ulcers and Lesions

 Effective treatment for foot lesions and ulcers

  What causes foot ulcers or lesions

Foot ulcers are caused by excessive pressure against the skin! Pressure can be caused by external pressures such as poor fitting shoes, or mattress pressure. Sources from your feet themselves such as thick toenails or calluses may also be a source of pressure. The skin requires blood for fuel and oxygen. Any pressure against the skin that is higher than the blood pressure on that part of the skin will result in either a callus or a complete breakdown and a lesion or ulcer may form.

Warning open sores, lesions or ulcers that will not heal! 

If you are experiencing foot or hand sores that do not seam to heal consult a doctor this may be an indicator of Diabetes.
 Do you have Diabetic Fleet?   Diabetic ulcers and lesions?
People with diabetes worry about the health of their feet and are concerned with how to keep their feet infection free and properly cleaned. FootDefend is an important component for diabetic foot health.
FootDefend is an all natural foot disinfectant treating any antibaterial, antiviral or antifungal condition. Soaking the feet for five (5) minutes daily will help maintain the topical health of your hands or feet.
If you have or suspect you have a sore or lesion that is not healing properly you may have a diabetic lesion ( or other blood born issues) - Consult a medical doctor immediately!
The risk is most serious for people with diabetes and with immune systems weakened by leukaemia or AIDS, or medication after organ transplant. Diabetics have vascular and nerve impairment, and are at risk of cellulitis, a potentially serious bacterial infection; any relatively minor injury to feet, including a nail fungal infection, can lead to more serious complications.
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